Added more artwork.

Added work in Papercraft, Colored Drawings and Sculptures.

Check them out!

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Finally got the gallery plug-in working!

Now I am updating each page so browsing through my artwork will be quicker. =)

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New laptop!

About 3 years ago my laptop’s motherboard fried and I did not replace it. Now that I have my website up and a motivation to keep drawing and get into digital art, I finally bought one today. Here’s to future work and great advancements in my learning of illustration!

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Childhood artwork added!

Just added many drawings done when I was a kid. Make sure to check them out in the childhood art section!

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Drawings in progress.

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This gallery contains 2 photos.

Look for these drawings to be completed soon!    

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Some artwork, yay!

Finally started to upload some of my artwork. Posted some colored pencils drawings and hopefully this weekend. I will fill in all my other categories. Stay tuned!!

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Working on it!

Day 3 of putting the site together, already customized many things including the favicon, the little icon that appears on the address bar on the browser. Haven’t had time to sit down and scan in my drawings and take pictures of my sculptures and dolls. Hopefully, this weekend I will upload a lot of content, and then the art show can begin =D

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Figuring it out…

Now is the time when I start to figure out how all this works.. hopefully it have my identity soon.

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Hello world!

Just started my website, expect to see my artwork up soon.

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